2021 BMW M3 Owners Manual - Adaptive Headlights

Adaptive Headlights


The headlight beams follow the road ahead in re‐ sponse to the steering angle and other parameters.
To prevent dazzling oncoming vehicles, the Adaptive Headlights do not swivel to the oppo‐ site side of the road at standstill.
If the headlights are converted, the Adaptive Headlights may only function to a limited extent. For further information: Left-hand/right-hand traffic, see page 193.

Anticipatory headlights for bends

The beams are adapted to the direction of the road ahead even before entering or leaving a bend.

Headlights for S-bends

The beams are kept as straight as possible when driving around S-bends.

Headlights for hairpin bends

The cornering light is also switched on before entering hairpin bends.

Variable light distribution


Variable light distribution illuminates the road even more effectively.

General information

The light distribution is automatically adapted to the speed. If equipment includes a navigation system, the light distribution is automatically adapted de‐ pending on the navigation data and speed.

City light

The light beam from the low-beam headlights is extended at the sides.

Motorway beam pattern

The range of the low-beam headlights is in‐ creased.

Cornering light

In sharp turns up to a specified speed, for exam‐ ple in hairpin bends or when turning off, a cornering light is added to illuminate the inside area of the bend.
The cornering light is activated automatically depending on the steering angle or, where appropriate, use of the turn indicators.
When reversing, the cornering light is activated automatically as appropriate, irrespective of the steering angle.

Roundabout light

Shortly before driving onto a roundabout, the cornering light on both sides is switched on. The edge of the road is illuminated more effectively. Shortly before leaving a roundabout, the corner‐ ing light on both sides is switched off again.

Adaptive headlight beam throw adjustment

Adaptive headlight beam throw adjustment com‐ pensates for acceleration and braking manoeu‐ vres and vehicle load conditions to prevent on‐ coming vehicles from being dazzled. Illumination of the road is optimised.

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